Create an industrial decor at low cost

Create an industrial decor at low cost

How to create an industrial decor at low cost?

Have you just acquired a loft, are you opening a business, a business with a large open space? Buying from a "pitcher" allows you to save easily create your industrial decor thanks to our advice and our selection of old industrial furniture, design, workshop decor, rare, durable objects, made in France or neighboring countries which have proven their strength and don't lose value once you buy them. Patinated metal furniture, waxed pickles, enameled plates, workshop chairs, trade furniture make your shopping list and contact us, quick response and negotiable price. Delivery by carrier possible, free estimate. (Paris 125 € the pallet 31.50 x 47.24 inch height 200).

Good development plan, good decoration furniture for shops, renovated houses, businesses, lots of industrial furniture and workshop decoration. Lot flea market, empty house 50's 60. A house to develop, a business to furnish or decorate? Lot of old industrial furniture at "merchant" prices, free transporter quote.

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