DIY glass mirror

DIY glass mirror

DIY industrial glass mirror for workshop, industrial, loft decoration.

Canopy frame available use the search bar on our site to find different available sizes


Canopy frame

wood or metal

custom mirrors


sander cutter


screwdriver and jigsaw or welding machine


1-2h depending on the amount of putty

Step1 Find a window frame without glass

Step 2 blow up the putty

Step 3 grind the visible part with an abrasive disc to remove rust and paint

Step 4 buy custom cut mirrors (~ 80-100 € for these dimensions)

Step 5 fix the mirrors either by welding metal shims or with a wooden bottom screwed or glued to the metal frame

Step 6 wax the visible parts with "ironwork wax - cast iron" € 15 per pot *

* or paint it while protecting the mirrors

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