Furnish a cheap air bnb

Furnish a cheap air bnb

How to furnish a bnb air without breaking the bank?

Have you just acquired or restored a secondary house intended for rental? The competition is fierce in the cardboard furniture category so the best way to attract tenants is to stand out with old design furniture you will have more visits, more reservations, a clientele allergic to ik ... ready to pay a little more for an unusual accommodation.

Buying from a "pitcher" allows you to save money by selecting a lot of antique furniture, design, an authentic vintage decor, often unique pieces by their patina, their history, you can easily create a warm atmosphere, with rare objects , durable, made in France or neighboring countries which have proven their solidity and which do not lose value once you have bought them.

Visit our site by browsing the different categories make your list and contact us, quick response and negotiable lot price. Delivery by carrier possible free estimate.

Good layout plan, good decoration furnishing plan for shops, renovated houses, companies, lots of furniture and decor in the 60s. Flea market lot, empty house in the 50s 60s. A house to fit out, a business to furnish or decorate? Lot of antique furniture at "merchant" prices, free transporter quote (Paris € 125 per pallet).

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