Our tapestries repairs

Our tapestries repairs

Here I will put all the armchairs, chairs, fireside chairs that we have revamped to give you ideas if you even want to embark on the adventure of upholstery. You will first need to find what kind of chair you want and have an idea of the fabric you want to use. Here you will find some easy examples to start with such as the small cushions or the small footrest made from a wine case.

We do not make tapestry on order, we do not have training as upholsterer, we only try to save old, damaged furniture, armchairs often need to change the foam and the fabric so we have s 'put it there and learn for ourselves. Everything is done in our shop workshop in Marennes in Charente Maritime our stock is updated daily just click on "In stock". Delivery by possible carrier, lot of antique furniture on pallet, flea market lot, worlwide shipping.

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